Ana de Armas Makes Her Anal Sex Scene Debut

Ana de Armas anal sex

Actress Ana de Armas appears to finally make her anal sex scene debut in the video below.

Ana de Armas has been heathen Hollywood’s most blasphemously brazen exhibitionist ever since she washed-up on its shores from her homeland in the Puerto Rican nation of Cuba… But despite having the highest nudity rate of any actress in the industry, Ana de Armas has never had her butt blasted on camera… Until now.

Ana de Armas teen

Frankly us pious Muslims are shocked… That it took this long for Ana to get her tight round booty banged like this… For ever since her teen years she has been one extremely lecherous Latina (as you can see from her blowing kisses at 18-years-old in the photo above).

Of course now that Ana has opened the gates to her backdoor, it is only a matter of time until we see her getting double penetrated up on the big screen… I give it two to three more films tops before it happens.

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