Athena Massey Nude Scenes From “Undercover Heat” Remastered

Athena Massey nude

The video below features actress Athena Massey’s nude and sex scenes from the 1995 film “Undercover Heat” remastered and enhanced in high definition.

The 1990’s were certainly the golden age of bolt-on boobies and enormous tit gaps in the heathen Western world, and as we can see from these nude scenes Athena Massey was no exception…

Of course as red-blooded Muslim men we can not help but look at Athena’s wonky breast bags and begin to fantasize… About strapping a large amount of C-4 explosives to that cavernous valley between her mammaries, and then sending to an Israeli checkpoint. Although with Athena’s lack of talent it would be difficult for her to act natural enough to get close and really do some damage.

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