Bella Heathcote Nude Selfies Released

Bella Heathcote nude

Australian actress Bella Heathcote appears to have just released the nude selfie photos in the gallery below online.

It is unclear to us pious Muslims what Bella Heathcote is trying to sell in these nude pics, as her tit toppers are extremely tiny which makes her essentially useless for milking… As one would have to be a midget to have small enough hands to grip her teats and squeeze them dry.

Besides we have already seen Bella’s blasphemously bare boob bags before on the TV series “Strange Angel”, and determined that she is a useless shela slut who will not survive the first wave of the purge when Islam finishes conquering the heathen Aussie outback… For she clearly belongs “down under”, as in the darkest pits of the eternal hellfire.

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