Ivana Bozilovic Nude Scenes From “Van Wilder” Enhanced

Ivana Bozilovic nude

The video below features actress Ivana Bozilovic’s nude scenes from the film “Van Wilder” remastered and enhanced in high definition.

It certainly comes as no surprise to see that a man literally bursts into flames at the end of this video, as Ivana Bozilovic’s immodestly bulbous bare breasts are an extremely sinful sight to behold…

Of course after filming this scene Ivana went on to marry “The Bachelor” reality TV star and heir to the tire fortune Andrew Firestone, so her name is now Ivana Firestone… Which is certainly fitting as us righteous Muslims will one day stone her and send her to burn in the fires of Hell for her egregious big titty crimes against morality.

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