Lindsay Lohan Nude Scenes From “The Canyons” Remastered In 4K

The video above features Lindsay Lohan’s iconic nude and sex scenes from the film “The Canyons” remastered and color-corrected in ultra high definition.

Lindsay Lohan nude

Believe it or not this is the 10 year anniversary of Lindsay Lohan showing off her world class breast meat in this film…
Lindsay Lohan nude

And while Lindsay has aged like goat’s milk in the hot desert sun, there is no denying that in her prime she had some of the best boobs in the business.
Lindsay Lohan nude

Yes, in her heyday this heathen hussy possessed top shelf titty talent… And there is no doubt that in the early 2000’s many Muslims enjoyed slithering their tunic snakes up her breast valley and spitting their man venom all over her slutty freckled face.

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