Mara Bugarin Nude Scene From “Metronom”

May 31st, 2023

Mara Bugarin nude

The video below features Romanian actress Mara Bugarin’s nude scene from the film “Metronom” enhanced in high definition.

For those of you not as worldly as us pious Muslims, a “Romanian” is a gypsy that was kicked out of Rome a thousand years ago for being even more stupid and lazy than the local Italians… And with that history in mind it is easy to see why today Romanians are considered to be the Mexicans of Europe… If Mexicans were even lazier and more inept.

Of course when us Muslims finish establishing the European caliphate we will do the world a favor and rid it of the Romanian menace once and for all. For as this Mara Bugarin’s nude scene graphically illustrates, this depraved race has no redeeming qualities.


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