Matilda De Angelis Nude Scenes From “The Law According to Lidia Poët”

Matilda de Angelis nude

The video below features a compilation of Italian actress Matilda De Angelis’s nude sex scenes from the first season of her new Netflix series “The Law According to Lidia Poët”.

Us pious Muslims certainly do not know nor care who this Lidia is, for the only law that matters is holy Sharia law which was bestowed upon us by the blessed Prophet (PBUH) himself… All other “laws” are null and void for Muslims, as we recognize no authority but Allah’s.

Yes, Matilda De Angelis can flap around her chest meatballs and get her lady cannoli stuffed with man cream all that she wants, but rest assured that when she stands trial in Sharia court for this and her other numerous crimes against morality (which can be seen here) she will wish that she had obeyed the divine law.

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