Selena Gomez Nude While Kissing A Girl In The Shower

July 26th, 2022

Selena Gomez nude

Actress Selena Gomez appears to have just released the photo above of her naked in the shower kissing a girl…

Selena Gomez Cara Delevingne

This latest nude release from Selena is clearly her attempt to make her longtime lesbodyke f*ck buddy Cara Delevingne jealous… For the two of them famously spent many salacious times in the shower.

Of course Selena’s obsession with Cara’s sin snatch is no secret, as they have been going at it off and on for years now… In fact, Selena recently had Cara cast in her show “Only Murders in the Building” just so she could make out with her on camera in the video clip above.

Sadly for Selena, much like us virile Muslims Cara can not be tied down to just one woman… However unlike us Muslims, Cara does not tie down her women, so she must be constantly on the prowl for new lesbo stank puss to suckle on.


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