Valerie Kaprisky Nude Scenes From “The Public Woman” Enhanced

Valerie Kaprisky nude

The video below features French actress Valerie Kaprisky’s nude scenes from the 1984 film “The Public Woman” remastered and enhanced (her previous enhanced nude scenes can be seen here).

Believe it or not but back in those days men had to make entire films like this one to get a top quality whore like Valerie to dance around like an idiot in front of a camera… Now thanks to the invention of TikTok, thots flap around their sex organs for free by the tens of thousands every day.

Speaking of which, it is amazing that Valerie’s spastic slut chorography in the beginning of this video hasn’t been made into a trend on TikTok yet. Clearly the youth of today don’t know sick dance moves when they see them.

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